Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lots Going On!!!

Olivia sculpted all of us out of Play Dough! She absolutely LOVES art, in any form!!
Gillian and Olivia at the 2nd grade Square Dance Performance. They did great!
Olivia, the square dancer. She was so talented! Seriously! She and her partner, Jeremy, were great! They did three dances for the "parent audience."
This is far away but it gives you a picture of her gym and her gym teacher, Ms. Hartwell, there on the right.
I thought you may like to see a bit (I didn't put on the entire thing) of Olivia's first "published" book. You will have to come to TX to read the rest! :)
(When I took the pictures of her book, she hadn't finished illustrating yet, but I wanted you to see this sentence about the brother! Hillarious!)
Boston is also growing as an artist and writer. He worked hard on these pictures to send to his former babysitter's three children. Since Halloween is close, he taped a piece of candy on each one too! :) This is a picture of Shelby.
For Natalie he drew flowers...and I guess the one for Trey of an RV didn't make it on here! Ooopps!
We went to the Santa Fe Festival to see the Native Americans who live in Santa Fe, Texas dance and craft. It was amazing. The kids made teepees, tasted some foods, and were amazed by the large head dresses worn!
This is a picture of some of the men doing a tribal dance. I couldn't take time to get a better one because Olivia was too nervous with the chanting and drumming so we had to "move on."
And last but not least...Today at Boston's school is Texas Day!! Is he the cutest cowpoke you've ever seen or what? :) This morning he kept touching the brim of his hat, looking at me, and saying, "Hi there, litle lady!" :)
So there you have it...a bit of an update from TX. Our friend, Melanie, comes to visit from KY today and I'm not sure who is most excited to have her arrive. The kids want her to be the one to wake them up in the morning! So sweet! We are anxiously awaiting the arrivial of the rest of you down here too! =)


  1. I am loving Olivia's story and Boston is the cutest Texan I have ever seen! Hope you all are doing well!

  2. Boston is adorable as a Texan! I love it! I can't believe how grown up Olivia is, she is just a beautiful little girl. I hope you have a wonderful time with Melanie, I am so glad she could visit so soon!