Friday, October 8, 2010

Picture Update

We have been unpacking boxes like crazy and I think that the Carrollton Public Works Department carried off the last of our cardboard boxes and packing paper today! Yahoo! We still need to hang things on the walls, get a kitchen table and chairs, and a dining room set, and many other things here and there but it is coming along nicely. For someone who doesn't know how to decorate and, for years, has relied on her friends to "set up house" things are looking pretty good. I will take pictures of the house this weekend but first wanted to fill you in on some things we have been doing in the past two weeks... We watched Zoe, Boston's friend from preschool, and her brother, Titus, for the afternoon. The kids got a kick out of dressing poor little Titus up!
Wednesday, October 6, apparently is National Walk to School Day. The weather was perfect for it - about 58 in the morning and 90 in the afternoon. We met "Walking School Bus B" (really just a mom holding a poster shaped like a bus) at a corner near our house and walked Liv to school about .8 miles one way. The kids were all given blinking reflectors, had Carrollton police officers on motorcycles as their crossing guards, and were given bananas and bottled water when they got to school. Liv's favorite part was that all the walking students got to sign a banner that is now hung in the cafeteria.
We have unpacked TONS of boxes! Poor Boston has felt the brunt of this since he is home most of the time. However, he has enjoyed climbing in the boxes and drawing on them.
We have been swimming. The kids love to come home and swim after school. The water is a bit cold (75 degrees) now for my liking since the nights are cooler, but they are still jumping in almost every afternoon! (Yes! Those are banana trees and palm trees in our backyard! We are researching how to care for them...)
The kids have helped Donny head "out to the field." Are they not TOO CUTE??!!

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