Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast!

Boston was so excited last week to have me attend his Thanksgiving Feast at his school.  The three 4-year old classes sang songs, told the "Thanksgiving Story", and sat with their guests for a small feast.  Boston was a complete ham for the video camera I brought.  He was so proud of his first "on stage performance!"

All of the parents were made "head dresses."  I was so lucky to be able to wear such a lovely construction paper Pilgrim bonnet while eating with my little Indian.  :)

Boston made this cute little turkey and that morning before school, we made g-free apple pancakes, mini pumpkin muffins, and popcorn to bring so that he could have the same feast food as his peers. He loved it all!

To wrap us a sweet Mommy & Son Day, Boston's dinner prayer brought me to tears.  He said, "Dear Jesus, thank you for this food and thank you that Mommy could come to my feast.  Amen."  For a mama who has always wanted to do the things that "stay-at-home-moms" get to do, that prayer was another confirmation that we are so blessed and are in God's palm.

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