Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We ARE Still Here!

Has it really been over a month since I've added a post?  I don't know where time has gone!  I guess since I used to post at least once a day this summer and now I am not, it must mean that we have found other things to keep us busy... Guess that means we are settling in here as Texans?

I wonder what it will have to take to make this really seem like home...  I always feel accomplished when we can get from one place to another without the gps and I was excited to be able to give successful directions to someone the other day.  However, there are still things that are always "new" to us here and the chances of us seeing someone we know when we are out and about are about nil!  God truly has blessed us here though and given us much to be thankful for.

Donny's job continues to go well.  He is challenged but learning so much!  He really likes what he is doing.  He has also been working hard on the landscaping in our yard.  He's pruning, raking, chopping, planting, building, etc.  I can't wait for true Spring to arrive to see how it all looks!  Besides stuff around home, Donny also volunteers on the Creative Arts team at church to build the sets and works down in KidzView with me running tech some Sundays.  It's fun to be able to volunteer together.

Olivia's year in second grade has been fantastic!  I am more impressed by her teacher each day and am so proud of all Liv is learning.  She is quite a "thinker" and problem solver.  Se just had to make a land form map out of salt dough and then orally present the definition of each land form.  We were so proud with her 99% score!!  Out of all of us, Liv has the most endurance on our new trampoline and jumps for HOURS daily.  She does flips and fancy jumps as well as make up new games for us to play on the trampoline.  She is also just about ready to lose BOTH front top teeth!

Boston has mastered bike riding without training wheels and spends a lot of time riding up and down the sidewalk by our house.  He has scared me a few times with bike wrecks but so broken bones!  He is carefully planning out his 5th birthday party and wants a cake covered with "Star Wars guys."  He continues to love preschool and spend lots of time at home writing and drawing notes for his family and friends.  We go through a lot of envelopes here!  He also enjoys the trampoline and has some pretty tricky flips up his sleeve too!  (He also just asked me to tell you he likes to ride his four-wheeler while we go on walks together.)

I am doing pretty well, too.  Working in KidzView at church is keeping me busy.  I am still writing the lessons for 3 classes a week, getting all the supplies together, and coordinating our volunteers.  Doing a new Bible Study with ladies at church written by P. Shirer, B. Moore, and K. Arthur is also keeping me busy.  I highly recommend it!  In our small group, Donny and I are reading (for the second time) Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  I am thankful for all the ways God is challenging me to continue to know Him better so I can help my kids learn to love Him better.

We are getting ready to host a gathering for Sunday's BIG GAME!  We, of course, will be decked out in our Steelers' garb and already have the Terrible Towels ready to wave.  It is fun to have the Super Bowl here in Dallas.

Well, we are on DAY TWO of no school due to ICE.  The roads continue to be sheer ice and the wind chill is -5 degrees.  This is the coldest Dallas has been in 8 glad we are here to experience it.  On Saturday it was nearly 80 degrees and now this...  :0  The kids and I are getting ready to make cinnamon buns and Donny is heading into work a bit late, hoping all the crazy drivers are off the roads by now.  I think I heard that Dallas police had over 100 accident calls yesterday.  It's pretty nasty out...

We miss you all BUNCHES and look forward to time of having you HERE ;) and visiting you there. 

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  1. ok, if you don't post soon...your going to have the same opener..."has been over a month since my last post?" girl, what's happening in TX? We want to know! :)