Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take A Look!

I just cleaned off my camera and realized I had never shared these pictures.  Enjoy!!

Christmas at Nana & Poppy's House with the cousins!

Liv on the 4-wheeler with Poppy and Bos on the inner tube having the time of his life!

Bos would have done this for HOURS if we let him!

The first year she didn't cry while talking with Santa!  Isn't she beautiful?!!

Christmas Eve jammies

Look what Nana made Liv and Kit!  Adorable!

Boston's present from Daddy

Daddy Daughter Dance

Absolutely gorgeous!  (Her daddy looked good too but I didn't get that picture...)

"I'm FIVE!"
Boston's party with us at home.

Friend party at Chuck-E-Cheese's
Bos ADORES skee-ball...however, sometimes the ball goes a bit wild!

Cake for party with friends...It's out of this world!

I LOVE this picture!  His little tongue sticking out and that mischievous look on his face!  That's Boston, through and through!

God has blessed our kiddos with sweet friends here in TX.  We are blessed!  Truly.


  1. Yeah! You guys look great! I can't believe you didn't teach Boston to count like I'm teaching Rhett...1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2.....can you believe your baby is 5??

  2. A Daddy-Daughter dance!!! So sweet :) Olivia looks so pretty!