Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Sweet Memory

4 generations
Olivia, Jamie, Mom, Grandma
(taken at my brother's wedding)

On Tuesday, our family had the sweet, sweet chance to honor my Grandma Nevison.  Just over a year ago, Grandma passed away.  As we have found such purpose in being here in Dallas to care for and love on my Grandpa Nevison we have wanted to keep the memories of Grandma "alive."  My grandma had such a green thumb.  I remember visiting her in TX when I was young and playing in her garden, eating veggies that she had grown, and hearing her tell others what they needed to do to make their gardens grow.

We planted a "Belle of Georgia" peach tree in our yard on Tuesday.  This tree will bloom each March and produce white peaches each August.  What a special way to remember Grandma. 

Grandpa Nevison in front of Grandma's tree. 

Here is the story of Grandma Nevison as I shared at her funeral last March...
"Good morning, I am Jamie Loughry, Doris Nevison's only granddaughter.  Thank you for being here to honor my grandma.  When my friends in Kentucky found out that Grandma had passed away, they sadly asked, "Was this the grandma that is in all your stories?"  You see, my grandma will forever be the most famous grandma around.  How could she not be?  What other grandma sends her granddaughter silverware as a gift for making the college dean's list?  What other grandma sews faster than famous designers and creates vests that literally light up?  What other grandma gives her teenage granddaughter a red, felt, pleated skirt "because every girl needs one" or makes Little House on the Prairie bonnets?  What other grandma could make elephants out of folded sea stars and dogs from clam shells?  What other grandma wraps Christmas presents in tube socks and has so much joy for life that she calls everything 'fabulous'?  I could go on, but I'm sure that by now you understand why people in so many states and countries, who have never even met my grandma, are saddened by our loss.  Matt and I were blessed with a one-of-a-kind grandma.  A grandma who honored God by growing lucious gardens and caring for His creation.  A grandma who stayed true to her husband for over 66 years.  A grandma that stood out not because she tried to but because she used the gifts she was given to make a difference.  Grandma was the perfect match for grandpa.  She was the teacher who passed on so many talents and strengths to my mom.  She was the traveler and go-getter that often caused my brother and I to smile and declare, " that's how we want to grow old."  She was the eclectic dresser that now inspires her great-granddaughter to dress in purple from head-to-toe.  She was the amazing gardener whose love for dirt lives on as her great-grandson is continiously covered in mud while digging holes in the backyard.  Grandma will be sorely missed but you can be guaranteed that the story she wrote with the life God gave her will never be forgotten."

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  1. What a sweet story Jamie, I miss her too!
    I remember her always saying "fabulous" too. And her lovely quilts!

    Love, Bar