Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wish You Could Watch Him Grow...

Boston has had an absolutely amazing year!  He is eagerly awaiting kindergarten but fully enjoying his summer - usually falling asleep the minute his head hits the pillow.

Mrs. Seaton was an answer to our prayers.  Boston loved every minute of preschool and is one smart boy!!

Bos LOVES to swim and does so HOURS a day!  He dives, snorkels, does handstands & flips, and is currently working on swimming on his back.

Boston's sense of humor can be seen and heard all day long.  He keeps us in stitches!!

What could be better for a boy...turning 5 and having a Valentine's Day Party at school!!!

The A's were a fun t-ball team to watch!  Boston is a great player and worked so hard at every practice and game.

The last day of preschool.

Coach Vince, Boston, and the treasured trophy.
As parents, we were so proud of Boston when Coach said he would like to have 12 Bostons on his team. 

Both kids are hard workers at school work but Bos is still in the "I love homework" phase.  Liv has smartened up a bit.  Ha!

It is a pleasure to be Boston's Momma.  He is working hard to be a gentleman - running to hold open doors for people, carrying in groceries without being asked, and getting out Liv's breakfast things before she wakes up.  He has an extremely developed vocabulary saying things like, "I didn't mean literally," "at one point," and "as a matter of fact".  We love to watch him play sports as he tries so hard to learn and get better.  One of his new favorite activities is doing his devotion book.  It is his first "write in" devotion book for boys and he feels so grown up filling in the blanks.  He eats more fruit snacks than anyone I know and burns them off 5 minutes after throwing the package away.  He really likes to sing and did an amazing job learning all the songs and motions for his school program.  I wish all of you could watch him grow on a daily basis like we have the privilege of doing.  God has a divine plan for Boston's life and it is amazing to see it beginning to play out - even at age 5!

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