Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a GREAT Week!!

We had the privilege of having bit of our "Old Kentucky Home" here at our new Texas home last week.  Andi and Palmer got to come for a visit.  Watching my girl hug her friend as she got off the plane made this mommy's heart swell with joy. 

It makes me teary to tell you how it blesses us to have family and friends sacrifice their time, activities, and finances to come see us.  Thank you to all of you who have been able to do that!

The kids and I used this week as our "stay-cation" doing many things here in town that we have wanted to do.

Having fun at Bounce U!

Tight friends Dylan and Boston

Such pure sweetness.  Heading to Hawaiian Ice.

Roller skating!  She's so brave!

Bos FLIES around the rink!  The only problem is...he doesn't know how to stop!  :)

Bos adores Jonah and we couldn't be happier with his choice of who to look up to!

Soaking up sun at the splash park.

Working as a team to create a book of Toy Story characters. 
Notice their matching dresses.  It was so fun to watch them try to wear similar outfits and hairstyles for the week.

Kit, Palmer, Liv, and Kit at the Dallas American Girl Store.
This was such a fun day! 
We all traveled from KY to Atlanta a few years back to the AGD store there.  This brought back great memories.

Bos was so excited to get his own flippers, snorkel, and mask...just like his hero Jonah.

Saying goodbye (for now) at DFW.
 I'm so proud of these girls.  Neither thought they would "survive" without the other at school with them.  However, they both had successful 2nd grade years.  And, even 1,000 miles apart, they maintained a sweet, lasting friendship


  1. I love all these pictures - thank you so much for posting!!! Boston looks sooooo very tall!!! miss you guys so stinking much!

  2. Love it! Palmer and Olivia have the sweetest friendship :)