Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Inside and Out...

Liv is already calling herself a 3rd grader.  She had a better school year than Donny and I could have ever hoped for.  She made friends galore, worked so very hard at her schoolwork, and settled into Texas in a way that only could be God's handiwork.

She was thrilled to attend her first Daddy-Daughter Dance in February.  She and Donny danced, made a craft, and enjoyed being together.

EVERY quarter, Olivia was on the A Honor Roll and received recognition for getting homework done. 

Liv still loves her American Girl Doll, Kit.  She takes such good care of her and has made Kit a part of our family.  For a year now, Liv has saved money from lost teeth, chores, and holidays to buy Julie, another American Girl Doll.  Tonight, however, on her own, she chose to give a substancial amount of her "Julie Money" to an offering for an orphanage in India.  What a blessing to a Mommy's and Daddy's hearts.  I can't imagine how big her Heavenly Father is smiling.

The school awards keep coming...

Olivia is the one out of the four of us who has the most "pool endurance."  She would sleep in there if we let her!  She, too, is snorkeling, swimming under water, doing handstands, and creating water games for us to play.

Morgan, Olivia, and Victoria at our church Easter Eggstravaganza. 
Olivia adores going to church and seeing her small group friends there.

Liv and I went on a field trip to Dallas World Aquarium with her class.  What a special day!
Olivia, Gilly, Avery, and Teri.

More aquarium smiles...
Lilly, Gilly, Alana, and Liv

The night before Olivia was to start  2nd grade, Donny and I spent a long time praying for her new teacher, Mrs. Petros.  God answered our prayers above and beyond...

The last day of 2nd grade at Rosemeade Elementary.

Liv is the best big sister that has ever been.  She teaches Boston, helps him build things, answers his endless questions, and makes him sweet little crafts on a daily basis.

If you were here in Dallas with us just for a day, you would first notice Olivia's beautiful blue eyes, her tanned skin, and missing front teeth.  However, if you were able to stay a few more hours, your attention would quickly leave the outer beauty and be captivated by her inner beauty.  She spent time this year telling her friends about Jesus, making us laugh with her jokes, learning about fractions and friction, memorizing Scripture, perfecting her jump roping, learning Origami, writing love-filled acrostic poems, and growing into a girl that makes us so proud.  We are so thankful that God is sharing His girl with us!

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