Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hungry Swimmers

Bos and Liv swim about 5+ hours each day.  No joke!  Therefore, they are hungry all day long.  I need some new healthy snack ideas!  The are getting tired of being told they can have fruit or string cheese.  :)  What ideas do you all have???


  1. My kids like to eat cashews and raisins mixed together. They also like to eat the 90 calorie fiber one granola bars - either the plain chocolate or chocolate and peanut butter. They are high in protien and fiber, even though they are chocolatey.

  2. DILL PICKLES!!! yummy....celery and peanut butter, my friend Jill makes her own popcicles out of fruit, yogurt but might I suggest that you stay away from rice ;)

  3. Hey how about Jello jigglers...or jello fruit cup just some more ideas