Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giving T-H-A-N-K-S...

This week as I was lamenting to a friend about various "issues" that should really be left in God's hands to become "non-issues" she texted me and wrote, "Tell me 5 things, right now, that you are thankful for." Okay. Wake up call. It wasn't hard to think of 5 things and I quickly texted her back... Since then, I have been mentally making a list of all the things I am thankful for and ways that I am blessed. I am sure, that sitting here now, in front of the computer, with a captive audience (that's you, right?!), that so many of these things will escape my memory but here's at least a start...numbered so that I can be reminded of just HOW MANY things I have to be thankful for---
  1. SPF 50 sunblock - so, hopefully, my kids won't have to ever get a phone call telling them they have skin cancer
  2. Boston's tongue - he is constantly moving and wiggling it, especially when he is concentrating. It is something he does without realizing it and is just his "signature mark" that is so endearing to me.
  3. Olivia's love notes that she makes constantly and passes out at dinner. She keeps them on her "Olivia" clipboard until it is "mail time" and we are all seated at the table giving her our complete attention.
  4. Donny's work ethic, whether it be Dominos Pizza, the sawmill, UK, West Jessamine Middle School, or Pioneer Natural Resources, he gives his all and never utters a complaint. I love the example that he is giving our kiddos - one of being a hard worker but also that it is never too late to change or chase your dreams.
  5. A job that I love, a boss that understands that family comes before work, co-workers that inspire me, make me laugh, and understand my passion for teaching, and students who will forever make me proud to be called Mrs. Loughry.
  6. Family who is willing to travel to the ends of the earth (or at least what seems like it when we know no one here) to see us.
  7. Snail mail - going to our little mailbox is one of the highlights of my day!
  8. Friends who send meaningful text messages telling me they miss me or passing on a Bible verse.
  9. Friends who send nonsense text messages just let me know they are thinking of me.
  10. Ice cream - because sometimes "fruit - nature's natural sugar" just doesn't cut it.
  11. Jillian Michael's "Shred" exercise video because ice cream isn't fat free! AND because I can exercise anywhere, anytime.
  12. Cameras - so I can keep memories that otherwise, in time, may fade.
  13. Good mysteries - because sometimes it is just nice to sit back and read something that doesn't mean a thing...
  14. Clean sheets...need I say more???
  15. Freshly brushed teeth...on me AND those around me! Ha!
  16. Encouraging words.
  17. Friends who are willing to be honest with me.
  18. Growing old enough to just be the ME that GOD created me to be and learning to not be bothered if people don't care for that.
  19. Chick-fil-a: fries not cooked with any other gluten containing product, yummy grilled chicken salad, ice dream, diet lemonade, the list goes on...there are not many places we can go where our entire family can eat...
  20. Udi g-free bread - I really did cry the first time we had this. Donny likes it. It tastes like real bread and bagels. Boston had his first sandwich! I know it sounds silly, but for a mama to see her 4 year old take such joy in eating a sandwich, well, it is just truly priceless.
  21. Sunglasses that fit well enough to double as headbands.
  22. Jergens self tanner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just found out they make one specifically for faces! I'm all over that!
  23. A God who loves me, no matter what. Who knows I am gonna mess up and who still lets me come back to Him time after time and start anew. Who promises to take care of us no matter where we live. AND who knows the best time for everything to take place.
  24. Friends who trust me enough to let me pray for and with them, for things that seem big and small.
  25. GAP extra long jeans. Do you know how nice it is to have pants that are long enough? I know all you "vertically challenged" people say pants are too long but I will always come back with, "You can cut them off and hem them!!!!" :)
  26. Warm Texas swimming pools.
  27. In-laws who love me.
  28. Garmin, my sweet little GPS, who can get me anywhere I need/want to go!
  29. A new friend in TX, who is also new here, who also loves Jesus, and has KY connections. I mean, is God big or what??
  30. A Bible study that is SO relevant to my life right now. I think it was written just for me.
  31. Double door locks - being alone at night when Donny is gone makes me a bit nervous, just a bit...
  32. Hearing my kids giggle, belly laugh, and whisper together.
  33. Good movies - have you seen The Blind Side? Donny had to stop it so I could compose myself and go on. I am ready to adopt whoever comes my way so watch out!
  34. Sunny days. Boy, would I much rather be hot than cold.
  35. Homemade salsa - Jennifer's to be exact.
  36. Family and friends loving us enough to watch over our KY home while we are away.
  37. Kind Texans who help us find Redboxes, Target, new libraries, parks, and any other places/things we may need.
  38. The Internet...what did we do without it?
  39. Smiles - in an apartment complex where there have to be at least 20 different languages being spoken, smiles can get you through a long "conversation" at the pool!
  40. Laps - specifically having one of my kiddos, or both, sitting on mine, snuggling up with their head just under my chin or on my shoulder, telling me what they are thinking
  41. Good talks with Donny - the kind where at the end, even if it had its tricky moments, you are so glad to have had the talk and the whole world seems to be back in its right place again
  42. The smell of vanilla candles, freshly mopped floors, or newly bathed kids
Well, I could go on and on and on but I guess you get the picture. I have so much to be thankful for. You do too. Really. If you have a minute, post a comment. Even just tell ONE THING that you are thankful for, right now. What are you glad you have? Be creative, be quick, be detailed, or down-right serious but SHARE! I learned this week, from experience, focusing on what we have rather than on what we don't have is SO much better and really picks you up! Looking forward to reading what you have to say!


  1. I am thankful for blogs, yours and others, that help me to connect with friends we can't see often. I feel like I have a snippet of a conversation every time I read one and they often encourage me or let me know how I can pray for the writer.



  3. I love this! And I'm thankful for you and the number of laughs and tears we've brought to each other through a crazy place called WORK that most people in this world dread going to every day.