Friday, July 16, 2010

The Past Week in Pictures

Donny made it back safely from the oil rig in Midland last night. We are glad to be back together again. Since I have his computer back I can upload our pictures from the week. Here's what we've been up to... We are really getting into Family Game Night around here. In fact, as I type this, the rest of the family is playing "catch" with body puffs. You know, those things you wash with in the shower. I just bought two new ones and they are being used as baseballs for the moment. A good substitute for a reall ball in an apartment. This week, we are trying to teach Boston to play checkers and Liv to play Rummy. This Toy Story Game has both plus 3 other games! What a fun time we have had! The kids also got new haircuts this week. We miss our Mrs. Michelle in Nicholasville but found a sweet girl at SuperCuts to bless since it is Blessings Friday and she did a great job! Doesn't Boston look older, yet so handsomely cute?! Look at Liv's blue eyes!
Donny and Olivia--need I say more??? Two peas in a pod just in from the pool!
We like to go to Grapevine Mills Mall and shop but also to ride the carousel and the train!
We went to the library and found a great Story was all about vehicles, which Boston loved. At the end, they pretended they were in a car wash and blew bubbles with all the kids! =)
I also finally gave into the kids' pleas to go to Bounce U. Since the thermometer has been registering 105, I figured an inside activity was just what we needed. We had such a fun time!

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  1. I woke up at 6 a.m. today and so wanted to call you while it was so quiet! I gave your plant a little hair cut today...he says hello and not to worry, he's fine here until you come HOME!!!!!!! Which is???????
    Nico woke up a bit ago so we have had fun looking at all the pictures you have posted, back to the very beginning. His face just lights up! We both got a kick out of naked Don just hangin' with his kids!
    Just praying today....that though we want and need more than anything to have our lives be living sacrifices for HIM, that our lives become HIS, that we live as a blazing everything.....well....just praying that you will come home to stay. Praying God's best, God's will, but just can't think about DAILY life without you...all of you~
    Miss you terribly dear friend.