Friday, July 2, 2010

So, What DO You Do all Day?

That was the question Brissa's mom asked me the other day at the pool while we watched the kids play. I have to admit, this summer has been different for me in many ways. Of course the location is different but the change of pace is another BIG change. During the school year I am used to a FAST paced schedule with really no down time - getting everyone up and ready for the day, teaching, getting school ready for the next day, playing with my kiddos, making dinner, making lunches, getting kids to bed, working on school stuff, and the list goes on. The last month of school was especially crazy since Donny was here and I was doing it all on my own. So now, here, without a job to have to leave and go to, and without friends to hang out with, and without a bigger home to take care of, we are at times, at a loss of what to do...
This week, however, we have found plenty of fun things to do. Even more importantly though, I have just been reminded to take each of these days as a blessing. I have prayed for more time with my kids for years and now I have it! We are making memories, laughing together, playing chase, holding hands and jumping into the pool together, making up knock-knock jokes together, figuring out this big, new city together, meeting new friends together, and learning more about each other.
I have learned that Liv is just growing up so quickly. This year has been such a growing year for her. She is so much braver at trying out new things, at talking to new people, and at being confident in her abilities. She is such a thinker (like her Daddy), has a great memory, and is an amazing big sister.
I have learned that Boston is a balance of ornery (like his Daddy!) and sweetness, jokester and thinker, and wildman and cuddler. He asks the same questions over and over again like, "What makes fire?" or "Does the moon move?" When Olivia asked him why he asked the same thing so many times he said, "Cause I don't want to forget." He still has no interest in learning to much about his letters and numbers (although he does work on "his schoolbook" each day) but he is going to be smart!!!
So, what have we done this week? Well, Wednesday is half price day at the Fort Worth Zoo. The three of us had a great time! We decided the warthog was our least favorite animal (all that nasty log stringy hair), that flamigos stink, that they should have real animals along the train ride, and that it seems you always have to drive through the ghetto to get to the zoo!
Waiting for the train... ...heading out for our ride...
Liv has always loved the carousel! Is she not just gorgrous?!!
What else do we do??? Well, we make up games, like Sock-a-roo, a family favorite for after dinner fun! =) We each get a pair of socks and attempt to toss them into the "ring." 3 points=sock in the ring. 1 point=sock nearest the ring. Last night the boys beat the girls but I feel a rematch coming on!
We also go to the park when it is not too hot out. Yesterday we went TWICE! This park was created by The Miracle League and it is completly accessible to all kids. It is HUGE and so much fun!

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