Monday, June 28, 2010


The kids and I took our new GPS (yes, I think I am in love!! now we can go anywhere and i feel so much more freedom!!) and went to IKEA today...just a 20 minute drive!!! The kids had never been and we had such a GREAT time! You can see that they each got a pet (Cookie and Dustin, respectively). Olivia named hers after my parents' dog, Dustin. He does sort of favor him. They carried those dogs all day through the store! We didn't really have much to buy but just had fun walking around and looking at all the fun things to buy. The kids loved all the little "homes" that are set up and played in each one, I think. They also asked, several times, to play in Smaland, IKEA's playplace. At first, I said no because it is a place where you drop your kids and then go shop for an hour. I just am not comfortable leaving them...things around here just seem so big and foreign. However, the kids were SO well-behaved that toward the end of the trip, I said they could go in. I signed them in and then, like a maniac parent, stayed and watched them through the glass window. I do have to say, it was sort of nice to have a few minutes of quiet to myself. They had a blast climbing, coloring, running, and doing all sorts of activities. They are already to go back again! I am sure they won't have to bend my arm to hard to get me to go to IKEA again! =)
This weekend, Matt stayed with the kids for a bit and I got to go see Donny's office. We have been to the outside of the building and to the fountains to take pictures but it was great to go inside his office building and office to see where he spends his days. It is a pretty fancy gig...I can't say I am any closer to understanding what he does in there, it is way too advanced for me, but I did love seeing it!!

Pioneer Natural Resources Office building and famous Las Colinas Mustangs Statues/Fountains


  1. Donny..

    We don't want to see the computers...we want to see the dynamite!!!!

  2. Looks like Don is all set up in his office! I just love the pictures, Jamie...just eating it up...thank you for the pics of my special request;)
    Did I ever tell you that the pic of you in the belt buckle just made my day!
    Hope you're having a good day...been typing here since the sun came up!

  3. My hubby works for PNR too! I actually found your blog because I was trying to find a picture of the building and horses for a friend wanting to go to work there. Anyhow, thought I would say HELLO!