Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finding Our Way Around Las Colinas...

It's hard to say where we really live...our address is Irving, TX which is a large city between Dallas and Fort Worth. In fact, when you are driving, you can't really tell where one ends and the other starts. However, within Irving, we live in this section called Las Colinas, which my dad discovered means The Hills. Shannon, is that right? :) Not sure why because if you have ever been to TX you know there are NO HILLS here! Flat as can be!!
Between yesterday and today, we have tried to find a few more places in Las Colinas. I think I told you about the library...

...and it is "my pleasure" to remind you that we are so glad we can eat items at Chick-fil-A and play in the air conditioned play places!

Today, my dad had the great idea of taking the kids on the Las Colinas Area Personal Transit System. It is a free above ground tram, like a monorail since it is up high on a track, that almost circles Las Colinas. I am not sure how it is funded since it is free and we were the only passengers on the 10:30 tram but we had a great time! We got to see Donny's office building from up high, look at the clock tower up close, get a great view of the canal and Lake Carolyn, and even see a gondola (the boat kind) and its passengers on the canal! The waterfalls were beautiful as well. However, the best part of the trip for all of us was when Mr. Larry, the tram driver, asked the kids if they wanted to DRIVE the tram!! Boston got shy, yes, I did use Boston and shy in the same sentence, but Liv jumped right up and sped us around the track!!

We had a fun morning together, seeing the "sights" and becoming a bit more familiar with the layout and history of this part of the city. Mr. Larry gave us many tidbits of trivia that we wouldn't find anywhere else!
Boston and Olivia with Mom and Dad
(the hat Liv is wearing is a gift to Dad from Matt...I will be talking to Matt about it tomorrow when he arrives...ha!)
I had to do some minor home repair today (felt like Robyn!!) and change a toilet seat when we got home. Girls, I laughed when you gave me that extra long screw driver as a joke saying that everything is bigger in Texas, but let me tell you, it came in HANDY today so I didn't have to get close enough to smell "potty smells!" Both of my parents commented on the screwdriver when they walked by the bathroom and saw me standing up, 3 feet away from the toilet, unscrewing the lid! =)
I read more today in Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson...WOW! If you haven't read it, do so, now! I think it would be more helpful for me to highlight the parts that DON'T apply to me or stand out to me because my book is quickly getting marked up!! Thought provoking to say the least.
We ended the day with swim time, pork chops, and Family Movie Night #2! I don't know if I like Toy Story or Toy Story 2 better...perhaps once we GO SEE (Liv, especially is excited about that part) #3 at the TheAter (Liv's pronunciation) I will have a better opinion. So far, the kids said they like #2 best.
Matt and Rach come tomorrow for the weekend. I am ready to see them. Sometimes in KY we go 2 weeks without seeing them and it doesn't seem odd, but for some reason, being this far away, makes me miss them more. We are trying to decide what to do with them...I will keep you in the dark for now and let the blog explain as the weekend unfolds! :)

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  1. so far we haven't REALLY seen a picture of yourself on the blog. I want to see what Jillian has done for you lately and since you ARE in Texas...I want to see your big guns! (muscles) Do you have any tips or really cool items that entertain kiddos while moving in a car? Let me know if something worked well!