Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, Happy Day...

What a day this has been to say, "Happy _________" to people! We want to say "Happy Father's Day to both of our dads (Rick and Don), Happy Grandfather's Day to my grandpas, and Happy Birthday to cousin Jonah, Buddy Nico, and Good Friend Becky!" Lots of great people to celebrate...but...around here we mostly spent the day celebrating the GREAT DAD that lives in our house!The kids and I started our day with a trip to Walmart and a much needed car wash while we let Donny sleep in and exercise in peace. When we returned and carried our groceries UPSTAIRS in the 100 DEGREE heat Donny decided he wanted to spend the the pool. So, we decided to save our "surprise plans" for this coming week while my parents are here and head out for another afternoon of fun in the sun.

Olivia was so excited to see a little girl, who come to find out is also seven, playing in the pool. I was SO PROUD to watch her ask little Brissa to play. What a big step for her-this has been such a "growth in confidence" year for her! The two girls spent the next several hours playing and swimming in the pool together and set up another play date for Tuesday afternoon. Once again, God showed that He is here and answering the prayers of those of us in our thirties and those of us who are seven.

Liv and I also made that delicious banana pudding I mentioned in yesterday's blog for Donny to enjoy. We ALL were glad to help Donny enjoy it after dinner and despite the fact that I didn't bring any "fancy" dishes down here, it still tasted wonderful!

(Donny IS wearing clothes...hehe!)
We ended the day with a Family Movie Night on the living room floor. Liv and Boston set it all up and we all got in our jammies to watch Toy Story. We figured that if we want to go to the theater to see Toy Story 3, we should probably see the first two! (For those of you who REALLY know The Loughry ins and outs, you know that we haven't taken the kids to the theater yet...gasp!...we are just so picky about what they watch and what they hear...and we have wanted to save some special things for special times. We figure this is a special time...) We loved cuddling together and laughing at Buzz and Woody.

The kids are getting in to this blogging thing and asked to be the ones to take pictures of our movie night so I will end with their take on the night...enjoy!

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  1. I'm in a little pool of tears and snot. Just looking at all the pictures and reading your words make me so sad I can't see you today. Missing you terribly, Jamie, and praying for God's very best. I love you.