Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just What a Saturday Should Be...

So this morning Donny got up with the kids, letting me sleep in for the first time in over a month! (Not because he doesn't ever let me sleep in - because he has been gone! Just wanted to make that clear! Hehe!) I know for some of you who either get to sleep in often or who think sleeping in is a waste of time that me getting to do so today seems like nothing to blog about, BUT for us mom's who just need a moment's break or a little extra rest now and then, it IS something to write about! =} When I woke up around 9:00, I heard someone knocking on the door. The apartment was quiet so I figured Donny and the kids must have been outside. I got up and went to look out the peep-hole only to find Liv in the living room watching a movie and Donny asleep on the couch. Boston was nowhere to be found and there was no one at the door. However, the knocking continued. I followed the sound to the kids' room (they are sharing for the summer) and discovered that the knocking was coming from the closet. I opened the door to find, well, just look for yourself...
Boston had found a "spot", his sweet little spot! For those of you who know Boston well, you know that he needs a space to call his own. This was actually something I had been praying for since I knew the kids would be sharing a room this summer. For the last month or so, he has been spending time alone in his room now and then just sitting or talking Andrew, his beloved baby, and his animals. The day before we moved here he spent many long times in his room with his door shut wanting to be on his own. Then, the morning that we were leaving, he wouldn't come out of his room. When I went to check on him, he had built a blanket fort under his easel and was inside it. He wouldn't come out, no matter what. One of my most precious memories of all time is of him and Mel sitting under that easel just talking that morning. It was enough to send me to my closet for a "moment" too. (Thank you, Jennifer, for making me come out! I guess...) So anyway, a mom's prayer was answered today as Boston has found his spot to just sit and "be." I am so thankful God answers all "sizes" of prayers. (Thanks to each of you who has been and continues to be praying for us!!)
After exercising, me "Shredding" and Donny "P90Xing" (and us both doing the Ab Ripper - ouch!), we the pool! You will get tired of me saying it, but it is a blessing to have it so close! (Actually, I sent the kids with Donny out to the pool and I got things cleaned up as I had a good chat with a dear, dear friend. Not sure why these chats make me so happy while I am talking and then sad after I hang up. Doesn't mean I don't want you to call though!) I headed out to the pool to join my family for an afternoon of Family Fun. Liv just about has swimming down and is able to make it about half way across the pool! I am not sure if she then loses stamina or realizes she is swimming and freaks out!

After swimming, we came in to eat at what Donny and I refer to as our "ghetto table." (We decided that instead of buying another kitchen table and then having to get rid of it when we leave the apartment we would buy an outdoor table set so we could use it later...we did figure though that we didn't need to put the umbrella up yet!) Then it was time to get ready for church. (Yes, we know it is Saturday!!!) We decided to try a new one this week - Donny has been to Irving Bible church twice, and last week we went with my grandpa. This week we went to
in Grapevine, TX. It is a church that is bigger than Southland, I think, but reminded us of SCC in some ways. However, it is NOT Southland. I know that it is not about the building, it is about God...but...we think so highly of our pastor and know his heart is in the right place and trust him and trust those that are teaching our children and like being already involved and like knowing the people we sit around and like...well, you get the picture. When you have attended the same church for 15 years (college included) it is hard to find another... After the service and walking all around and visiting the children's wing, we left thinking we may try it again but also thinking we would be okay to try another church. Is it okay to talk about church like this? I don't like the idea of "shopping around." Tonight we let the kids choose whether to go in a class or stay with us and they, surprise, surprise, chose to stay with us. I was JUST FINE keeping them within an arm's reach and they were so good. Boston actually fell asleep - no reflection on the pastor - the pool is just wearing his little body out!
Anyway, we ended the day with a trip to Whole Foods (I did not take a picture of it because I don't want to be too much like Jennifer's mom and her video camera!) to get g-free nilla wafers to make Mel's Banana Pudding that Donny loves so much. You know, Father's Day is tomorrow and what better way to celebrate than by baking something special?!?!
I know this is long, and for your FOUR :) dedicated followers, I thank you for hanging in there, but I just wanted to tell you to be sure to scroll to the bottom to see a new picture I posted of Boston from a few weeks ago. It is just too precious not to share! Love you all!


  1. without a DOUBT I can say he will probably hate that you posted that picture...I however LOVE it!!! Miss you guys wish you were here swimming with us!

    just in case you are wondering 45 days until Aug 4th Retreat BLAH!!!!!!!!!!! (where does the time go??and why won't the time from aug-oct go by as quickly??)

  2. i just love love love that you are blogging! AND that there are pictures of you and the kiddos!!! we miss you tons and tons and tons and tons!!!