Sunday, June 27, 2010

Picture Update...

On Saturday night, after saying good-bye to Mimi and Papa (my parents) we went with Matt and Rachel to Gaylord Texan. (Donny had to take a minute to get over the name too...) It is a HUGE and absolutely gorgeous resort -reminded me of The Opryland Resort in TN. I have never seen such a fancy schmancy place! The current theme/display is Alice and Wonderland. The kids took part in a Scavenger Hunt with the Cheshire Cat. They had to use little "magnifying glasses" to find 12 clues to solve a mystery before getting a prize. Enjoy the pictures and remember that everything you are seeing is INDOORS!!!
On Friday night, before the infamous rodeo, The Loughry/Lewis Clan went to Boston's Pizza for some delicious g-free (and "normal" - as Liv calls it) pizza...
And this final picture is just for you, Cicely... You see Cicely and I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred together when Donny left for TX. I am still "Shredding" and if you saw Cicley's comment on a previous blog she asked how it was going and to see my muscles! Here you go, girl! Now, I expect to see yours on YOUR blog! Ha!

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