Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well, I did everything in my power to stay out of the pool today just because I am a bit tired of the kids, the pool, and me each and every day. However, we did end up there around 5:00. The kids just love it so much and I really didn't have a reason to say no. Donny got home and took over at 6:00 so I could go in and make dinner. We met an Indian Family who wondered if we sent our kids to school to teach them how to get along with each other! Ha! Guess they caught the kids at a good time! :)
This morning, we took Mom and Dad to a car rental store and then they headed to Grandpa's for the day. Then the kids and I ventured out to the library. We have 6 to choose from in Irving and I think I did NOT choose the best one. I chose it because I knew where the street was and I am SO TIRED of having to look up directions on the computer before going anywhere! However, there just weren't many books there, at least compared to our great library in Jessamine County. We got a library card though and now we can go try some other locations later on. On the way there, the kids spotted a Chick-fil-A with a play place so we stopped there on the way back. Bos quickly "made knew friends" whom he thanked God for in his dinner prayer but he couldn't tell you their names or really what they looked like! :) Sweetness!
One thing on my mind today has been differences between here and home. The kids were mentioning things too. Here are some of them:
  • The seat belts get SO "BURNING HOT" (Boston's words) after the car has been in the sun for a bit.
  • At the Chick-fil-A drive thru, there is a person standing outside with a laminated menu who comes to your window to take your order during the lunch "rush hour."
  • The population of Nicholasville is 30,000. The population of Dallas is 2.5million. Just a small difference...
  • You don't leave the house without a drink because you are always thirsty!
  • U-turns are a way of life here because of how the roads are set up. The kids call them "curly turns." I call them "pains in the neck" because my car does not have the best turning radius!
  • The lizards here are FAST, you know, compared to all those lizards climbing on the outside walls in Nicholasville! :)
  • EVERY sign is written in both English and Spanish.
  • Much to the kids' amusement, the grocery carts at Tom Thumb have TVs in them which play Mickey Mouse shows.
  • The grocery carts at Aldi cost 25 cents to use and you have to bring your own bag for your groceries. This fact is not a problem IF YOU KNOW AHEAD OF TIME! You should have seen us carrying our produce, meat, crackers, etc. to the car in our arms! Does that say "out of towners" or what?!
  • There is just no use of wearing make-up when you will just sweat it right off. This has been rather freeing, actually...
  • You'll get a kick of out this do have to really read closely the free magazines near the exits of grocery stores to see what they are about before just picking them up. The other night, at Whole Foods, I saw one called Dallas Spice and thought it looked like it would have good places to visit or good coupons in it. I started looking through it the next day and the first page I turned to was an ad for men's skirts! Yep, I had picked up the "Dallas Pride" magazine! Donny and I had a good laugh over that one!
  • It gets pretty lonely when you only know the people that live in your house... We sure miss you all!

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