Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Indians Be Gone... (No, this is NOT a page filled with prejudice! Keep reading...)

Robyn, my dear loyal follower, I wanted to post several different times today just so you would have something to look at each time you logged in! Ha! Cheers to you, dear friend! This picture (above) is for you! This morning, when Boston woke up, he asked for a drink. I brought him a drink in the cowboy boot cup you gave us! I hadn't showed it to him yet and he just looked at it and laughed and thought it was so funny! He never would drink out of it though! :) (Tell Mindy thanks for the cup!) Now the kids just want to play a joke on anyone that asks for a drink and give them that cup!
The kids once again slept til about 7:30, I think all this playing in the pool is wearing them out! I know it is sure tiring ME out and I am not doing as much jumping in as they are. After a long, good, and encouraging phone call with Mel, the kids and I headed to the hotel to pick up Mom. (Dad decided to stay there for the day and do his own thing.) We spent the morning at Target and Kroger and headed back for lunch here.
Liv was beside herself with excitement because this afternoon was her playdate with Brissa. We were sure to be out there at precisely 1:00 and then we waited, and waited, and waited, and FINALLY little Brissa arrived. (Her mom said they had been trying for a long while to get her little sister Lucy to nap...) The girls played for hours just whispering and swimming and giggling. It was so fun to watch Liv just be a little girl. I spent that time playing with Bos and picking Brissa's mom's brain about where to get a pedicure, where to go shopping, etc. Yvonne grew up here in Irving so she knows all the ins and outs...
We chose not to pay for cable and do not get any TV channels so the kids spent some time on the computers this afternoon. Liv emailed Palmer and Boston played Curious George games on pbskids.com. They are both pretty handy with the computers! Makes me laugh when I think of the first computer we got, when I was in 8th grade, with a big green cursor! Anyone else remember those?! Carmen Sandiego, anyone? :)
thoughtful pondering of how to answer Palmer's email...
estimating how many balls in Curious George's bucket
After showers, tacos, and rice (Jennifer-Boston LOVES your "red rice"!!), we all headed to the Grapevine Mills Mall for a little indoor, glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. The kids picked out clothes with lots of white on them so the black lights would reflect and had a great time playing. There were 3 courses all in the same huge room and really no other players so our kids just had the "run of the place."
Besides Boston continuously asking/whining for a drink...over and over and over and over and over (get the picture??)...we had a great time.
...finally...Bos got his drink and the rest of us got peace!
The scores haven't been added yet, but I am pretty sure I won!! Not really. :( I had a few poor holes that I am pretty sure put me out of the running for first place. I WAS, however, the only one who won a FREE GAME for next time by getting my ball in the 'special orange hole' at the end of the course...Yahoo!!! Not sure we will be going back, but at least it leads to bragging rights. :)
We ended the night with ICE CREAM, at last, and the kids falling asleep on the ride home. Something about Texas air...they never fall asleep in the car in Kentucky!
Oh! I wrote this down on the back of my Target list to tell you...just so cute! Boston always tells us how much he loves us by comparing things such as , "I love you all the way to Texas" or "I love you to the moon and back." Well, you know we watched Toy Story the other night? Today at Target he told me, "Mom, I love you to Indian be gone!" (Get it? ...to infinity and beyond!!!) How great is that?!

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  1. My grandmother had a red cowboy boot cup at her house that all the cousins would fight over using when we visited her. I used to love when I got to use it. Our kids are also on the Toy Story craze. We watched the first two on t.v. (for Isabella it was the first time for both and for Elias it was the first time he'd seen the second one) and then took them to see the third one in the theater. Both of our kids always give us "infinity hugs" and "infinity kisses". They actually use the word infinity quite regularly, since we explained what it meant. For example, they will say they want infinity chocolate in their milk. It is so cute to hear them explain it to other kids too!