Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...

It really wasn't that crazy of a day, but what better title for a Monday post?! :) After not really sleeping much last night due to just having too many thoughts (those nights drive me just crazy!), we got up to do our exercising and were able to finish before either child woke up. In the Loughry household, it is very rare that either child sleep past 7:00, especially since sharing a room. Having them sleep 'til 7:30 today seemed like a little ice cream treat with a big pile of real whipping cream on top!
Donny left for work and the kids and I scrubbed the apartment floors on our hands and knees since we didn't bring a mop along and it seems funny to buy a new one for such a short stay here. (Jennifer, I forgot to give you my old one for your front porch. Get it out of my laundry room!!) Then we just piddled around until it was time to head to the airport to get my parents! They arrived today for a week's visit with us and my grandpa. We made it successfully to the airport and back without a hitch and to their hotel...we just don't have any room here in this little apartment for overnight guests.
Since it was another hot afternoon, you guessed it, Mom, Liv, Bos, and I got changed and went for a swim in the hotel pool. Once again, we were the only pool goers and had a great time swimming, splashing, and jumping in. Boston realized that he could use the railing that goes into the steps as a slide into the pool and spent a long time sliding and laughing! =}
Dinner was homemade g-free lasagna, a favorite of ours around here, and leftover BANANA PUDDING! (Don't worry, it's gone now so I will be done talking about it!) We talked a bit at the table about Donny's job and TX and what all that means for us and then got the kids to bed and mom and dad back to their hotel before crashing onto the two pieces of furniture in our living room! Time for a movie or something quiet...Sleep well!

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  1. Cicely told me you started a blog!! :) I am so excited to link you up to ours. Hope you are enjoying your time in TX!!