Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stealing My Thunder...

My plan on Friday was to share my new appliances (after prompting by Mel), however, that DISGUSTING lizard stole my thunder... So, today, when Mel texted again asking for pics of my new little "workers" I thought, tonight I will post those appliance pictures that I took on Friday on the blog. However, (yep, there's that word again - however...) as I was shutting Liv's door tonight after saying goodnight to her, I saw it...ANOTHER LIZARD!!!!!!! On her floor! Feet away from her bed!!! (Which right now, for all of us, is just a mattress on the floor!) Come on!!! This is our HOME not the zoo! So, this time, since the safety of my child was at stake =), I bravely said, "Liv hold on just a minute." I walked to my room, found my sturdiest pair of flip flops and smacked it with all of my Mommy Might. It wriggled, wiggled, and tried to get away, but I conquered it-all while trying to swallow back that "mouth throw up" that comes when you are grossed out. I know that is vivid, but I know you know what I am talking about! Liv asked what I was doing and I said, "Oh, I just had to get a bug." (I know it was a lie, but...I was trying to protect her and her night's sleep!!!) Of course, she is just like her daddy though, and asks way too many questions. She asked, "Was it a lizard?" I timidly admitted the truth and then SHE ASKED TO SEE IT! Again, I put on my brave mommy smile and said, "See, isn't it so cute. Riley sure would be jealous that you have a lizard in a Wendy's cup." She took a close look and then crawled into bed and went to sleep. Bless her sweet, innocent, brave heart! So, you see why I say these creatures are stealing my thunder???!!! I have been here for 5 days and have seen 2 lizards!! You can bet that I will be calling some sort of "lizard exterminator" tomorrow! There has GOT to be an answer to this - at least to slow this down. I mean, if I have SEEN two, how many more are lurking in the corners, under my sheets, or in my shoes??? I talked to my mother-in-law before this latest incident and she tried to help assure me that Friday's incident would be a one time thing. I tried to hopefully agree. We both knew we were just trying to be positive. I just didn't know this would happen 30 minutes after getting off the phone with her! ANYWAY...Mel, here is what you've been waiting for! =) We are blessed to have a new dryer and washer. I've never had these new fangled front loading things! All four of us took turns watching the clothes tumble and twist and spin! (This picture is taken from our half bath looking into the laundry room which is attached to the game room.) We also are blessed to have this great new fridge. After just a few days living here without water or a fridge/freezer, I feel even more appreciative. (This picture is taken from the dining room looking into the kitchen.)


  1. I am so glad I read the whole story...for a minute there I thought you were calling your friend a "disgusting lizard" :) You ARE so brave!

  2. Why do you think that house was for sale?? Wonder what else will show up? :) JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how much I hate reptiles.