Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boston is a Schoolboy!

Boston has been going to a sitter while I taught school since he was 12 weeks old, but there was something different about sending him to "school" today. It isn't even called preschool here. Nope, to make a mommy's heart plunge even deeper knowing her baby is growing up, they call it Pre-kindergarten! :) When Bos and I went to Open House on Tuesday to meet Mrs. Seaton (that picture is on my phone and I don't know how to get it off!!!) he fell in love with school. He was ready to pack his lunch, buy a backpack, and head off on his own. He even said he would "drive himself" and "just walk right in." Excitement filled the air in our apartment last night as we laid out his clothes, packed his dinosaur lunch box, and put his extra change of clothes for those "just in case times" in his new Iron Man backpack. (He knows his hero Riley has Iron Man band aids so he figured he needed an Iron Man backpack! Love it! If he is going to have people to look up to, I'm glad it is his friend Riley!) In order to prep him and calm me, we ate lunch with Olivia at her school earlier that day and had him practice wiping the table down, laying out his paper towel, and then putting his food out. He is SO responsible!! (For those of you Frasier fans, Donny said we are raising him to be like Niles Crane!) We labeled all his food g-free, got a copy of this month's snacks and bought g-free versions of them all, and made a cake so he could take a piece today because one of his classmates was bringing in a birthday treat and we didn't want him to be left out of the celebration. He went to bed pretty easily with Olivia telling him all about what school would be like. Mind you, she never attended preschool! Ha!
I just couldn't resist taking a picture of him the night before the big day! (He is already changing...he NEVER sleeps on his back...always been a belly sleeper!)
Bos woke up at 5:30 this morning ready to get dressed and go! (Is he not THE cutest thing you have laid eyes on???) You'll notice he is wearing flip-flops--a big no-no at schools here. He tried to put on his tennis shoes that I bought him in JULY and they were too small! We had to run to Target on the way to school and buy him a new pair...SIZE ONE!!! He has grown 3 inches and gained 3 pounds since his fourth birthday, just 6 months ago. Everyone things he looks like a first grader...ugh! Riley, this pic is for you! He wanted you to see his new backpack! =)
Our two schoolkids ready to head off for a great day!
Boston held my hand all the way into school. When he got to his classroom he let me take his picture with Mrs. Seaton and then just headed in to hang up his backpack. That was it. No big deal for him. However, I have to admit when I was driving away I may have at least had the thought of getting a bit choked up...both kids are just growing up so quickly and are adjusting like champs to all of this newness. I'm so proud of them!
When I picked Boston up from school he was all smiles. He liked music class best, got to play in the gym twice (it was rainy today), and said there was a girl who cried too loud so he couldn't hear the story! [He also said he copied he to try to get her to stop. Ooops...had to talk about that with him.] You know Liv wanted cake for her first day of school treat. What did Boston have? An ice cream cone! Why is that such a big deal? BECAUSE IT IS HIS FIRST ONE!!!!!!!! They now make g-free cones and they are quite tasty! He was running around so excited as I opened the box and just watched in awe as I put the ice cream in. It was so fun to see it through his eyes!
Two sweet Boston stories...
1-Instead of "upside down" he says "upsLide down." Too cute!
2-On the way to Liv's school yesterday we were in traffic for about 20 minutes because of a bad wreck on our turnpike. Bos started to get impatient and I said we needed to be thankful that we were ok and just be patient. He said, "Mom, while we are waiting we could pray for those people in the accident you know." We did. I love when I see Jesus in my kids!

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  1. Boston - riley said your backpack is "way cool!" what a good choice of a super hero!!! Jamie - thank you so much for taking the time to post these pictures. It sure is great to see your babies faces. We miss you a million gazillion bagillion...