Saturday, August 28, 2010


Olivia made it through her first week of school here with flying colors! She is excited about a gym unit that includes square dancing (guess she takes after my parents!) that will end in a "show!" She came home every day from school knowing more friends and so happy. We are so thankful for God's blessings and for the kind teachers and students who have made her feel so welcomed and "at home."
Boston is excited for his "school week" to begin next week. He will go to a preschool at First Baptist of Carrollton on Tuesdays and Thursday. He and I went yesterday to sign up. Donny and I think that he will do well attending a structured time of learning. He is SO smart, unbelievable at times, but not so much in the "booksmart" way! Ha! He can write his name and knows numbers and letters (most of them) but like most boys his age (or so I hear) he doesn't want much to do with that kind of thing. This was evident when he was most excited about the THREE PLAYGROUNDS at his school rather than anything else we saw! Ha! His teacher's name is Mrs. Seaton and he will just be there with her for about 4.5 hours twice a week. We will go on Tuesday to meet his teacher and attend Open House. We also will need to talk to her about Celiac Disease. We are so blessed that Boston is so aware of what he can and can't do and is so responsible about it. He NEVER complains or gets upset when he can't have something that has gluten in it. I think we all can take a lesson from him! There are so many different preschools options but I just couldn't bear to give him up any longer than this. =) He is a big part of the reason that I am so excited to stay home! We've had a great week together. He is a sweetheart and one-on-one time with him is so special! In fact, every day after we dropped Liv off this week, he would say, "Mom, it's going to be a special day, isn't it?"
We went to dinner last night with a guy Donny works with and his wife. I had met them once before at the 4th of July picnic. We had a good time talking with them and getting to know them. (I do have to mention that the kids were SO well behaved!!!!) Through the course of our conversation, we found out that they were in the same Sunday School Class at Southland that Donny and I went to just 2-3 times when we first got married...AND....her brother was roommates with one of our good friends in life group!!!! Can you believe that? What a small world! They have since been to UT and have now been here in TX at Pioneer for about a year.
Donny is working so hard to finalize his presentation for Wednesday. He is not considered an intern anymore but is still working on his intern project which he will present at 3:00 on Wednesday. (You can pray for him!) He has an amazing Power Point with slides that go beyond anything I can comprehend and that are absolutely amazing and detailed. Once he finishes and presents, he will move down to his permanent team.
We close on our TX house at 11:00 on September 7. The countdown is on and moving so slowly! =) We also have an offer on our KY house. PTL! The inspection should take place this week. We are praying that it goes well and that the sale can go through smoothly. We never imagined that we would get to sell our house so quickly but God's plans are sometimes much bigger that we can even imagine, aren't they.

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  1. so glad that olivia is adjusting to her new school and you are adjusting to mommy life in texas. i have heard so much about olivia from palmer this year.... i feel like i know everything going on!! palmer sure does miss her friend but i am so glad they have opportunities to skype with each other!