Tuesday, August 10, 2010


After spending the last ten days saying "good-bye" to people, I am just not too sure who came up with that word and why they decided to put the word "good" in it. Nothing seems really very good about what the kids and I have had to do over these two weeks. Waking up each morning and knowing that we will spend yet another day giving last hugs, taking pictures, and realizing that this is no longer our 'place of residence' is hard. So very hard.
However, when I looked up the word origin of "goodbye," this is what I found:

    This phrase comes from God be with you. It has been shortened over the years since 16th century. Shakespeare used "God be wy you." The substitution for good for God seems to have been mainly due to the influence of such phrases as " good day" and "good night."

Knowing this doesn't make what we will be doing today any easier, per say, but telling our friends, "God be with you..." well, that IS what we desire for each of them. Our life group at church has experienced so many life changing times of brokenness over the past year and our family has had its share of ups and downs the past years as well. We have had such support from friends and family here. I've been wondering what will happen if a crisis arises and we aren't here for it. Well, guess what?! GOD WILL BE HERE! He is always here! HE will take care of our "people" here far better than we ever could. Yes, I want to be here to make dinners, or give hugs, or watch children, or pray in the same room as people, or sit with my friends who are struggling, but I have spent this summer watching Jesus prepare every step of the way for our family this summer and I have to rely on Him to do the same thing for each of our friends here in KY. I am also praying that He will give us people in TX that we can come alongside and serve. (Not to mention the prayer that our KY home will sell so we can afford to fly back here sooner...hehe...)

So, as I start today, thinking of my friends who are at school making final preparations in their classrooms for tomorrow's big start without me there and of the friends who I will have to say a final goodbye to today, I pray that God will be with them, and you, today, the day that the Lord has made.
I ask that you pray that for us too. We are missing Donny and he is missing us. This is a huge transition and it is hard being apart right now. Most of all, I ask that you pray for our babies. Watching them say goodbye, even thinking of it right now, makes me cry every time. My Mommy Heart has had about all it can handle. They have given so many hugs, high fives, and every last stick of gum, coin, and drawing they can find in the car to their friends. I keep watching them, trying to protect them, wondering if they know what is going on. Yesterday, watching them say goodbye to their buddies Elizabeth, Brady, Phillip, and Palmer, I understood that they do get it...and that just broke me.

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  1. what a sweet post! i can't imagine how your heart would break seeing your little ones say goodbye to their friends. we will miss you at school!!