Saturday, August 21, 2010

Liv's New School!!

Her teacher's name is Mrs. Petros. From what I can find out on the school website, Mrs. Petros taught 5th grade this past year and is Donny's age. She is a true Texan, growing up here and attending college here too. Her website seems kid friendly... We are excited to get to know her and see what she looks like! :) Liv wants to buy her a "first day of school gift" so we are on the lookout today!
Here she is...the soon to be Second Grader! Rosemeade Elementary is 25 years old but newly remodeled this year. Looks great inside, the bit we have seen...(When we went to register her, there were still "hard hat zones" so we couldn't walk around.) They don't do an Open House before school starts so yesterday we just got to go look on the door and see the class lists posted. Such a weird tradition if you ask me...but no one did! Ha! Be watching for First Day of School Pics to come next week! =)

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