Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not the Blogger I'd Like to Be! =)

As you can see from the catastrophe below... (the next/previous post)...I am not a great blogger when it comes to adding pictures! I guess I have a lot to learn, don't I?! Well, at least you can get the gist of where we will be living. What you see is as much as I have seen. That's right, I haven't seen the real house yet. Inside or out, except through pictures!
We had put a contract on a house in Flower Mound, TX, but then found out the city would be building a 6-lane highway adjacent to our backyard. Not good. We were able to get out our of contract, thanks to the work of our wonderful realtor, without having to pay penalties, and began looking for another house. All this happened while the kids and I were in KY and Donny was in TX.
We looked at several online and then he went to see them in person. When he got to this home, he knew it was ours. Besides the beautiful kitchen, and some other wonderful parts, it has a yard (my desire) AND a pool (his desire)! We put an offer in and it came back accepted! The kids are bummed that their desire-stairs-is not included since it is a one-story home, but since they are not paying the AC bill...I think they will just have to deal with it! =)
Donny took our TX friends to see the house and they all called me while they were there. Things look great and we are excited that this is working out! We will register Olivia for school on Friday and are hoping that with a signed contract, they will let her start school there, even though we won't be living there right when school begins. We hope to close around September 7.
God continues to be in control. It is evident in so many ways and so we continue to follow His direction for our family and hope, that in doing so, we can glorify Him.

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