Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Beginnings

You may wonder why I haven't blogged in a few days or why, in this blog, I am not mentioning leaving KY. Well, the truth is, it is too soon. Honestly, packing our suitcases, cleaning our home for strangers to come in and look at, hugging my brother and sister-in-law goodbye, saying endless farewells, talking to my kids about what it means to "move", staying up late night after night talking with dear friends, and walking into the airport - leaving such special friends - is too raw to really describe. Sometime soon I will share my thoughts about "steps" and how they have changed our family's life but not tonight. Tonight I want to talk about new beginnings.
When a seed is planted, it can't survive without the farmer's help. You know from my previous posts, and I pray from watching me live my life, that I love Jesus and want Him to be the "farmer" of my life. So, with that mental picture in mind...
I think I am a big terra cotta pot. You know those big planters that sit in people's yards that are filled with beautiful flowers? The ones that take a LOT of soil, seeds, water, and CARE? Well, that's me. I started as an empty pot and Jesus is slowly filling me with what it takes to make a beautiful planter filled with gorgeous flowers. However, along the way, He has to take time to weed, to water, to prune, to nurture, and grow it.
This summer has been a pruning time. A time for Him to show me "the weeds" in my life and to reveal the many areas that I need growth in. Now He is ready to nurture, care for, water, and grow the "leftovers." Thank goodness.
What am I thankful for? I am excited to see what new flowers He is going to plant in my life. What new opportunities He is going to offer our family, what areas He is going to let us serve in, and what people He will introduce us to. HOWEVER...I am also thankful, and clinging on to the fact, that He allows us to continue to grow the parts of our lives that are good - friendships, gifts He has given us, the desire to learn more about Him, the love for our family...

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