Monday, August 23, 2010


Olivia Jade was the very image of a seven-year old girl who knew that Jesus would be with her all day today in a new school, in a new state, with a new teacher, in a new classroom, filled with new friends. Donny and I prayed for her last night (as we have been doing for a long while now about a new school) but Donny put it exactly right when he said that God had done a complete transformation of Liv's heart in the past two weeks. She has gone from, "I don't want to go to a new school" and "Texas will never be my home" to "When will Monday come?" and "I can't wait for school to start!" Only God could perform such a change. We continue to see His hand in each step of this process.
Olivia planned out DAY ONE of SECOND GRADE with absolute preciseness....
Her nails were to be PURPLE just like Mrs. McNeal's (her Wilmore principal) were for her 1st day of school this year at WES... She should try on her outfit the night before (and get a picture in case we didn't have time this morning)...
She thought she should have a picture with her brother... (It was Boston's idea that they put their arms around each other. He woke her up this morning with a kiss and was so excited for her! A moment of pure sweetness!)
She also said she should have a picture with Mommy since that is what we do every year...(although this year Mommy isn't in her 'first day of school' attire)
...and she should have a picture with Daddy...(however, he was not quite ready for pictures when the time came, still buttoning and zipping...ha!)
The drive to school seemed LONG to me but the three of us talked about the day and said a prayer as we headed there. God worked things out beautifully as He had a little girl sit by Liv in the cafeteria (where all students go in the morning) that was also new to Rosemeade and who was in Mrs. Petros class!!!! The girls walked with Bos and I down to their room and as we were walking, sweet precious Gloria said, "She's my friend." Praise the Lord!
In the car, Liv had said THIS MORNING, "Will you help me find a friend before you leave, Mom?"
You all, typing this gives me chill bumps and tears. Are you getting how powerful God is??? How He sees to EVERY LITTLE DETAIL???
Olivia and Gloria in their classroom. They even got to sit by each other with two other girls at their table. Guess what? At the end of the day, when I picked Liv up, she wanted me to come meet the other two and she said, "Mom, guess what?! Gillian is gluten-free too!" Just another way God made her feel included today...
Olivia with Mrs. Petros. When I got to the car line to pick Liv up, I spotted her giving Liv a hug goodbye. What a sweet thing for a mommy to see!
Olivia eating her Book Cake. (I forgot to take a picture of it before Bos and I cut it...) Last year she wanted a pencil cake, the year before that was a school bus cake, this year...a book. Boston and I had fun making it together today!
Thank you, dear friends and family, for praying for our girl today. It is evident that God was in control and that she is in His hands. We so appreciate your phone calls and texts today checking on her (and me...). We miss you all so much!

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