Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Favorites

What a summer we have had here in TX! Who knew that this summer would turn into a new chapter of our life? We have had so many great opportunities and are so fortunate to have time to just focus on each other and play together! As we get ready for school to start on Monday, we have had fun looking through pictures and remembering the fun we have had! Take a look---
Liv driving the Las Colinas monorail
Going to Bounce U
Seeing the Circus as a Family
Liv, Kit, & Mommy Going on a Date to the American Girl Doll Store
Playing at the Beautiful Irving Fountain by the Library
Hours Building with Legos
(Thank you, Jonah, for introducing us to the Lego Store!)
Mimi Making Clothes for Kit and Andrew (not pictured)
Playing Homeade Games like "Pin the Tutu on the Ballerina"
Digging for "fossils" at the Science Museum
Watching the kids and Grandpa get to know each other
Going to the Fort Worth Zoo
(Can you spot Boston in the picture?!)
Watching the Kids Learn How to Swim
(Neither of these tubes are needed any longer! Yahoo!)
Having My Family Come Visit The summer ended with a great trip to Kentucky. I am working on those pictures and will post them soon. They will forever be some on our most special pictures containing some of our most special memories and friends.

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