Saturday, August 7, 2010

We will be moving to Carrollton, TX...

As you know, the kids and I are in KY and Donny is in TX. We are here for a bit longer seeing friends, making memories, and having a tough time saying good-bye. When we left TX, we had just signed a contract on a great house in Flower Mound, TX, and were happy with our new home. This past Wednesday, Donny met with the home inspector there and the house inspected very well. However, we found out that there would soon be a 6-lane highway behind our home, backing up to the pool. This was not our ideal situation and, after talking to each other, our realtor, and the city “road people” we decided we need not be in that house. Fortunately, we have a realtor who knows what she is doing and we were able to get out of our contract without a problem or loss of money.

So, back to square one. That night, I found about 10 new houses online for Donny to look at. He narrowed it down to 5 and went on Thursday night to see them. He called about 10 to say that he had found our house and that it was perfect for us. I could tell by his voice that he was smiling and sure.

He went the next day, with friends and looked at it again. They called from the house, and “gave me a tour” of it and answered all my questions. The yard is amazing. It has a big fenced yard AND a fenced in pool area. The house is 1-story (great for lower air conditioning bills!), and is in great shape. It is also less than a mile away from our friends! (I think I feel a “walking partner” coming along!!!)

Long story short, we put an offer in on the house (along with 2 other couples) and OUR offer was accepted! We have bought a house that I have not seen but I am, once again, at peace. It is amazing how things have continued to work out…

I will share more later but wanted to get these pictures online so you could see!
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We bought a house!!!


  1. Wow! I love the kitchen and it has both a yard and a pool...very nice! I think it was worth the wait.

  2. oh my goodness.... love the pool!!!

  3. I LOVE the kitchen!!! I can't wait to come and visit.

  4. I love the house! The kitchen is beautiful and I'm SO jealous of the pool!